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Porcelain crab in an anemone

Porcelain crab in an anemone

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Indonesia, Lembeh, actiniidae, anemone, anemones, anthozoa, anthozoans, aonmura, asia, biocoenosis, bitung, carpet, celebes, celebessea, close, close-up, closeup, cnidaria, cnidarians, commenalism, crab, crabs, crustacea, crustacean, crustaceans, decapoda, decapods, fauna, format, geography, hexacorallia, hexacorallians, horizontal, indo-pacific, invertebrate, macro, maculatus, marine, nature, neopetrolisthes, north, ocean, pacific, pocellanidae, porcelain, probiose, sea, seaanemone, seaanemones, sealife, southeast, sting, stinging, strait, sulawesi, sulawesisea, symbiosis, tentacles, underwater, underwaterphoto, underwaterphotography, underwaterpicture, underwaterworld, up, wildlife

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