Underwater photography coaching



Diving into the mysterious world of the ocean depths is an incomparable experience, but capturing the ephemeral beauty of this underwater world is quite an art. Underwater photography offers a unique and fascinating perspective from which to immortalize your dives.

However, mastering the art of underwater photography requires much more than a camera and a housing. That's where specialized underwater photography coaching comes in. Coaching opens the door to a world where technique, creativity and in-depth knowledge of aquatic environments combine to create images that will leave a lasting impression on your dives.

Would you like to improve your underwater images on your next trip? I can help you pass technical or artistic milestones with 28 years of experience. Through visio coaching sessions and image analysis, I can provide you with the keys to mastering the secrets of underwater light management, understanding the behavior of marine creatures to immortalize them in their natural habitat, and mastering the technical specifics of underwater photography.

Whether you're a beginner looking to discover underwater photography, or an experienced land-based photographer looking to upgrade your skills, I can provide you with personalized guidance, practical advice and technical expertise to help you reach new artistic heights beneath the ocean's surface.

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