Beauty - Fashion

I offer you a portrait session - aquatic fashion in the pool. You can bring your own outfits, or use the ones I can provide, to create striking, memorable, one-of-a-kind images. The surface creates a mirror-like double face, the moving texture of the water and the interplay between light and ripples create a captivating visual backdrop that brings out your natural beauty and enhances your outfits.


From concept to staging, we collaborate to prepare your aquatic shoot by putting together up to three outfits. In advance of the shoot, by exchanging photos, I'll let you know if your outfits will look their best in the water, and I can provide you with a wide range of dresses, bodysuits, sheers and accessories specially designed for the aquatic environment. By combining different fabrics, textures and colors, backgrounds and clouds of bubbles, together we'll create a graphic and enchanting touch to your shots, creating unique images.


I generally work without make-up, preferring the natural look. However, if you wish, we can also opt for a beauty treatment by a professional make-up artist. In close collaboration with the latter, we can offer you waterproof make-up specially designed to withstand water for the duration of the shoot. This option is available at extra cost.


Before you submerge, the final step is to gradually perfect your body poses. We work together to define the positions that suit you: from classic, graceful poses to more acrobatic ones. All these positions are accessible to all, comfortable to perform underwater and guarantee your safety.


From €600, discover a unique experience:

  • Discuss styling and session planning with me in a preliminary meeting.
  • Personalize your shoot with a variety of outfits at your disposal, in addition to those you bring with you.
  • Enjoy a private swimming pool for 1 hour.
  • Dive into an hour-long underwater photo session, to capture unique moments.
  • Select your six favorite photographs from an assortment of images I'll have selected after the shoot, which will be delivered to you in high-definition format.

You'll also have the additional option of ordering prints made by me.

For answers to all your questions, read the aquatic shoot FAQ.