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Feet of four women underwater in a pool

Feet of four women underwater in a pool

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Blues, Daytime, Four People, Outdoor, UWFP, adult, adults, aqua, bare feet, bare foot, barefeet, barefoot, barefooted, blue, body part, body parts, bodypart, bodyparts, child, children, coolness, cropped, dangling, day, day-time, daylight, families, families of four, families with two children, family, family of four, family with two children, feet, foot, four persons, freetime, kid, kids, leg, legs, legs crossed at ankle, leisure, low section, lower section, man, men, outdoor shot, outdoors, outside, parent, parents, part of, partial view, photoalto, pool, pools, relaxation, soaking, spare time, swimming pool, swimming pools, together, togetherness, turquoise, two parents, underwater, vacation, vacations, water, woman, women

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